We’re happy to set up your new Canon printers and copiers, but we also recognise that over the course of its lifespan, you’re going to want your equipment to do different things. And while we’re just a phone call or an email away, there are plenty of times when you’ll want to take care of the change or the problem yourself and need instant access to your printer or copier guide.

That’s why we offer downloadable Canon Install Guides for all makes and models that we service, supply, and sell. Keeping track of one hard copy of a manual is tough even if you have only five employees, much less than 50. With these handy links, anyone on your staff can download a copy of the installation guide to their desktop or tablet to have instant access at any time to take full advantage of the equipment’s features.

If you are in need of installation or manager guides for Canon products, you can find them at the links below.