At Cantec, we love printing. We love making it easier and cheaper for you too.

However, we still understand that sometimes it’s quicker, cheaper, and more practical to photocopy documents instead of printing extra copies.

That’s why we offer such a comprehensive range of multifunctional printers that include photocopying capabilities, and it’s why we offer a comprehensive photocopy service at our head office too.

Advantages of allowing us meet your large-scale photocopying needs include:

  • More efficient – it frees up your own machine, and your own staff too
  • More convenient – we look after all your finishing requirements – document sorting/punching/binding/etc.
  • More cost-effective – our photocopiers have a ‘per copy’ rate cheaper than many office machines

We also guarantee rapid turnaround times. If you need something in a hurry, we’ll deliver it when you want it.

Our photocopying services include large format photocopying, for example, of CAD drawings or other large documents. Simply send us your documents and details of your requirements, and we will meet those needs for you and send you back your originals and copies by courier, no matter where you are in Ireland.

Simply contact us to enquire about or use our photocopy service, any time you need it.