When we say we can save you up to 30% on your printing and copying costs, we’re not just making up a number. Here’s an example of how we did that for one company by helping them implement managed print services within their business:

Before Cantec

The company’s fleet of machines included:

  • 8 mono laser printers
  • 2 colour laser printers
  • 1 fax machine, 3 inkjet printers
  • 2 document scanners, 1 photocopier
  • 2 multifunctional copiers/printers

The company’s total print output for a year comprised:

  • 350,000 mono prints
  • 25,000 colour prints
  • 200,000 mono copies

Companys Fleet Machines

Costs involved were:

  • Laser cartridges – €2,750
  • Ink cartridges – €950
  • Maintenance kits for printers – €900
  • Device costs – €5,500
  • Support costs for printers – €800
  • Service contract for copiers/multifunctionals – €2,400


With Cantec

Cantec Savings Action

  • We reduced wasted paper with more intuitive machines and processes, cutting the total print volume by 20% annually.
  • We established a security and control system using both PIN numbers and employee badges. Not only did that enhance security, but it also eliminated unauthorised use of the print system.
  • We rolled all their costs into a single monthly invoice.

Costs now involved were:

  • Device and software costs – €4,950
  • Mono print/copy costs – €2,420
  • Colour print/copy costs – €1,100
  • Support costs – €950


SAVINGS MADE FOR THE YEAR = €3,880 = 29.2%

Other benefits from choosing Cantec

We increased the client’s efficiency by installing our Managed Print Solutions software, Uniflow Output Manager, which produces reports detailing the number of print jobs sent, but not collected.

We decreased paper wastage and increased security by also installing our My Print Anywhere and Secure Print facility, meaning users could now securely release their prints at any machine – but only while physically present at that machine.

We freed up their IT staff, who normally spend up to 15% of their time on printer-related issues, by using our e-Maintenance solutions to monitor their system and address problems remotely. 15% of a 40-hour week equates to six hours that IT staff could now spend on other duties.

We can do the same for you

Just give us the chance! We’ll conduct a thorough site audit and bring you a detailed plan to decrease costs and increase efficiency, according to the MERITS of our Managed Print Solutions systems. That’s Meet, Establish, Recommend, Implement, Train, and Support.

Simply contact us to see how easy it can be and the difference we can make for you.