Cantec’s Document Management Systems can eliminate the scramble that occurs and the time that is wasted when you need information from a paper document that is proving hard to find.

Our powerful, flexible, and scalable system means that all your hard copy records can easily be digitised, indexed, and searched electronically for the exact data you require.

This brings enormous productivity and efficiency benefits, particularly to workplaces which typically house large volumes of paper records, such as legal and medical practices.

In short, things become quicker and easier to find – making your workflow processes better for all.

How our Document Management Systems work

Document Management Systems

  1. It all begins with your document scanner. Cantec can recommend and supply a suitable model if your current scanner needs upgrading. As with all equipment we supply, your new machine can be bought, rented, or leased, depending on what best suits your business needs.
  2. We install your scanner and associated software, and provide training to your staff on its correct usage and all its capabilities, so your business can get maximum benefit from your new system.
  3. Documents are scanned and indexed using the intelligent Therefore OCR (Optical Character Recognition) information management system. The digital files can be labelled as invoices, sales reports, personnel files, etc., and are stored accordingly, either on your own server or in the cloud.
  4. Therefore can also add a logic workflow process to your new system, so that invoices are automatically sent to your finance department, personnel files are sent to HR, etc.
  5. The OCR technology means your new digital documents can now be searched and retrieved electronically, by account number, customer name, or any other field.
  6. You’re now saving time, saving money, and making work easier for everybody. You’re an office hero!

Benefits of our Document Management System

  • Space Savings – You can manage your paper storage by eliminating the need for excessive or repeat printing.
  • Loss Prevention – Our Document Management Systems minimise the risk of lost or misfiled documents.
  • Security Protection – You can easily add an extra layer of security to sensitive information documents, such as sales figures or personnel files.
  • Increased Retrieval Speed – You can quickly locate the document you need, without even leaving your desk.
  • Easily Searchable – Documents being easier to search and locate means that better and quicker business decisions can be made.
  • Shareability – You can collaborate across your team on documents in real time, and if your documents are stored in the cloud, from any location.
  • Editable – You can keep all content fresh, accessible, and up to date.
  • Disaster Proof – Paper files can be damaged by fire, flood, or other disaster, but digital files are more secure, allowing for greater business continuity in the event of such unfortunate events.

No matter how large your company’s existing file repository might be, Cantec’s Information and Document Management Systems are scalable to handle your needs and deliver solutions to your unique company needs. In order to discuss how we can best serve your needs, simply contact us.

From simple solutions around document access to more specialist business process requirements and data loss prevention, Cantec will help you stay in control of information, minimise risk and increase compliance.