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Our Case Studies

Westmeath County Council
Westmeath County Council banner

Positive and Seamless transition to New Managed Print provider

Eamonn Murry is pleasantly surprised to have time to describe his experience in tendering for and implementing the new Manged Print Service solution from Cantec during the summer of 2017. Now that the significant overhead of maintaining a fleet of office printers has been taken over by Cantec, he has more time to dedicate to other pressing IT responsibilities within Westmeath County Council.

This is what Eamonn had to say about the process:


We engaged with the Office of Government Procurement to tender for the supply of managed print services for our offices in Westmeath County Council. Our core objectives were to partner with a provider who could create more availability in their fleet of devices while implementing measures to help reduce the volume of printing. We also sought the best solution in terms of consumables provision to remove this tedious task from the IT department and ensure no machine would ever be down through lack of toner. A comprehensive reporting structure of our print output combined with an analysis of fleet performance was also central to our requirements.


Response Cantec’s tender response clearly laid out their proposal to provide a highly advanced fleet of Canon devices to suit our requirements. This included print management software and facilities to give us the high levels of control and transparency we were lacking in our previous managed print contracts.

Having previously only worked with Cantec on smaller projects, we were very impressed by their professional and comprehensive proposal – a further indication of how much they had developed as a managed print provider in recent years.

Their pricing was competitive in comparison with other responses, however the tender was won based on the impressive package they put together covering all the requirements laid out in the tender and many more besides. We also liked the fact that their office and locally based team in Mullingar would ensure that they could deliver on the swift responses guaranteed in their proposal to all our locations throughout the county.

The nature of our site distribution meant that different consumable management solutions were required. Cantec provided a flexible and efficient method to match the needs of each site.


The implementation phase was crucial for us in terms of avoiding, as much as possible, disruption to staff members. Cantec’s years of experience ensured the change over from previous provider to them went very smoothly.

Timelines, milestones and responsibilities were clearly defined and agreed in advance so that there was no confusion at any stage of the process. Site audits were conducted by Cantec personnel for every location, without leaning on us for information, so that only appropriate equipment was deployed.

As each phase was completed, comprehensive training was delivered to key operators in a manner which suited each department best, given the time constraints many of our staff currently have.

This flexible approach was a refreshing contrast to the more regimented methods we experienced in the past.

Overall, the transition from old provider to new was as seamless as we could possibly have expected thanks to Cantec’s professional and pragmatic approach.

Added value

Security is one of the cornerstones of our new print environment and secure scanning is available from each device from a user friendly, intuitive control panel. Since the original implementation Cantec have recommended additional solutions within the existing device fleet to further enhance our security and combat paper based data breaches in order to comply with the GDPR. 

These facilities dramatically reduce the risk of personal or confidential information ending up in the wrong hands. We also had a bespoke scanning solution installed in order to clear a large backlog of hard copy documents using dedicated document scanners and related software which integrates seamlessly with our own document management systems. 

our experience

9 months into the contract I can say that our experience has been overwhelmingly positive. The devices have proven to be both user friendly and reliable and the few issues we have had in that time were handled with ease by Cantec technical support personnel with minimal involvement from us. In total, we had 36 devices installed across 17 sites – they all use a single universal print driver which cuts down dramatically on the overhead of supporting many different devices.

The fleet is controlled by UniFlow, a print management software which facilitates secure printing through our own employee badges. It also offers a comprehensive reporting service providing transparency of printing activity by user, department and location.

Probably the greatest benefit to us is Cantec’s proactive management of consumables which had become very time consuming and a bit of a nightmare for us. They deploy a “belt and braces” approach which combines toner low alerts from individual devices triggering automatic deliveries with routine check visits to top up toner stocks in strategically located areas throughout the council offices.  

Having met and exceeded our expectations in the delivery of managed print services over the past 9 months Cantec continually seek out solutions to other pain points we have in our business processes.

We have been extremely satisfied with Cantec and would strongly recommend their service.

GDPR & Print Security Event - Cantec

From the very start, the team at Cantec provided excellent advice and assistance in optimising their solution to best meet the print need of our organisation, making the process implementing to their systems quite painless. 

The company delivered a thorough staff training program and their technical team was available to us at all times. 

Cantec’s support services have consistently delivered and the company continues to demonstrate professionalism and flexibility in its dealing with Westmeath County Council.

Eamonn Murray / I.S. Project Leader, I.C.T Department, Westmeath County Council
Abtran, Cork

About the Project

AbtranAbtran are Ireland’s top provider of business process management solutions. Its customer base includes various leading brands such as Irish Life, Electric Ireland, Road Safety Authority, Sky and the National Transport Authority. In 2013 we were approached by our main supplier Canon to assist Abtran with some service and reliability issues they were having with their mixed fleet of printers and copiers.

Abtran’s print environment consisted of a mix of devices from two different vendors. The devices had performed well but were now ageing and support response time was an issue. The devices did not provide secure release function or a Print me anywhere system. They also lacked the ability to allocate print and copy costs back to Abtran’s customer accounts and internal departments.

Abtran put the security of their customers’ data to the forefront of what they do. They needed a Managed Print Solution that reflected their attitude to customer confidentiality.

The Solution

Having evaluated Abtran’s requirements, we proposed a trial run of two Canon MFD devices connected to our Print Management application Uniflow Output Manager as a proof of concept.

Uniflow would ensure every print job was allocated a cost centre at the time of print. A report detailing printing costs would then be created automatically and sent to Finance at the end of every month.

Uniflow would allow users to securely release their prints at any device using their employee Access card or Pin number.

These devices would also be connected to our e-Maintenance remote monitoring facility to enable us to quickly react to errors/jams/toner and service issues.

The Benefits

  • Remote Monitoring – Pro-active approach to service issues and toner ordering, resulting in increased uptime and permanent stock of printer consumables;
  • Local Technicians – With a team of 10 technicians based in Cork, Waterford and Limerick we could guarantee a quick response time;
  • Improved security – No confidential document lying around printers;
  • Eliminated Waste – no stacks of uncollected prints which are ultimately discarded;
  • Cost recovery – Greater visibility of print charges across the organisation and a system to allocate print costs back to the customer.

The Outcome

After a successful trial period, we were delighted to be awarded the contract for Abtran’s Managed Print requirements across all of their site’s. This involved the rollout of 28 Canon MFD’s across 3 Cork premises and their Dublin office.

Abtran’s printer fleet is split into two categories:

  1. Devices for in-house printing from Window’s based applications, mainframes and ERPs – the everyday printing, scanning and copying done by the vast majority of Abtran’s 2,500 personnel – all print/copy jobs are either allocated to one of Abtran’s clients for billing purposes or to an internal cost centre
  2. Print Room devices which cater for the high volume printing which Abtran does on behalf of its clients.

The Reaction

Cantec arrived at a time when our printing services where split between two providers, neither of whom truly understood our overall requirements. They were prepared to spend the time to learn about our business processes and help drill down into the finer detail of some of our more complex workflows.

Cantec used this information to design a model which dramatically improved efficiency, mainly through the use of secure print technology enabling users to easily allocate print jobs to clients and cost centres.

As our business evolves and we seek to create new solutions to the needs of our various clients, Cantec continues to work in partnership with us in this respect. Their support structure providing speedy and effective resolutions to issues as they arise means that we can now be far more confident in the high quality print services we offer to our clients.

– Paul McCarthy, IT Infrastructure Leader, Abtran

Anderco, Cork

About the Project

AndercoAnderco are specialists in supplying safety products and services for controlled environments and the healthcare and building industries. Their head office is in Little Island, Cork and they also have offices in Dublin and Gatwick, London

Anderco were already a long-time customer of Cantec, and were familiar with Secure Print. We previously implemented a Managed Print solution using Canon’s free embedded managed print application Universal Login Manager (ULM).

ULM is a great tool for customers needing to track print costs and implement Secure Print on a smaller scale. As it is not server based, there is an amount of manual configuration and maintenance of user accounts. This is perfectly fine if you only need it for one or two machines, but as Anderco grew, so did its need for a complete print and scanning solution.

The customer now required machines in all sites and needed to be able to track and control print costs centrally. They also needed an automated solution to index scanned delivery notes.

The Solution

We recommended UniFLOW SMB print management software, to provide central management of all user accounts and integration with Active Directory. Users would no longer have to worry about creating an account on the printer. UniFLOW would simply use a PIN associated with their Active Directory user account.

UniFLOW now monitored all printers across the organisation, tracking print and copy costs. Reporting was no longer a manual process. Our integration specialist configured all the reports the customer needed and set them to run on schedule.

To address the scanning issue, we created a workflow in UniFLOW Capture to extract the delivery note number and save it in the document filename. Saved scans were converted to searchable PDFs and saved to the file server. They were now able to quickly search documents via delivery note number.

The user needed to simply login to the device and touch the workflow button once. UniFLOW took care of the rest.

The Benefits

  • Upgrading their existing fleet of machines with newer cost efficient machines enabled us to reduce Anderco’s cost per click rate. The replacement of old desktop printers removed the need for costly ink and toner cartridges resulting in cheaper printing costs throughout the company.
  • The introduction of UniFLOW meant this saving could be tracked and reports generated on the total cost of printing across the organisation.
  • An automated scanning workflow saved valuable time by eliminating the need to manually rename scanned documents.

The Reaction

We had been very happy with Cantec’s level of service and support for over five years, but as the company had grown substantially in that time, we needed to get more transparency and control over both our printed and scanned documents. Cantec were once again able to demonstrate a clear understanding of what we required and proved that they could deliver a solution which fitted in well with our business processes without creating any disturbance to speak of during implementation.

– Mark Terry, Commercial/IT Officer, Anderco

Scoil Lorcáin, Waterford

About the Project

Scoil Lorcain BNS WaterfordScoil Lorcáin was a customer of Cantec for more than 15 years, for supply and service of photocopiers. When a Canon photocopier came due for renewal, we recommended that we also conduct a site audit into the cost and effectiveness of printing in the school.

This showed that the school was using a number of separate inkjet printers in individual classrooms to print an uncontrolled number of colour prints, at a high cost in terms of replacement cartridges. We determined that we could help them do better.

The Solution

Our recommendation was the school replace the individual inkjet printers with one Canon multifunctional printer, in a controlled environment.

This machine would cover the photocopying requirements of the entire school, and also provide affordable colour printing, with the facility to control who printed what.

The Benefits

  • The new multifunctional printer provides equal quality and reliability of the Canon photocopiers they were previously using.
  • It also allows them to save 50% on copy cost by using the all-inclusive cost per print provided by their new Canon machine.
  • A built-in PIN system provides confidentiality and a means to track the colour print volumes of individual users.
  • Cantec’s prompt service response and locally-based support means they can depend on just that one device for all their copying and printing needs.

The Reaction

Cantec showed that we could save 50% of the cost of ink and toner cartridges for the many colour printers dotted around our classrooms by combining this facility with our main photocopier.

The confidentiality and convenience argument was won by installing a PIN system, meaning each teacher can only access their own prints. The deciding factor was the promptness and dependability of Cantec’s service, which allows us to depend on one machine for all our copying, printing, and scanning.

I would strongly recommend Cantec to any school.

– Harry Flynn, Principal, Scoil Lorcáin